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Slithering reptiles. Listening & gap-fill activity

Press "play" and listen to the audio. Read the text and fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
   carnivorous      cobra      lizards      prey      scales      Slithering      snake      terrestrial      turtles      venom      viviparous   


They are the first vertebrates that are fully adapted to environments.

They have evolved in such a way thanks to a waterproof skin with and their egg shell.

Most are , while some of them are omnivorous and a few are herbivorous. They have many resources to kill their : they can crush them with their jaws, hit them or use constriction and .

Perhaps that's why these animals are feared and associated with evil; It was a that gave Eve the apple and the villainous Jafar in Aladdin is a .
Descriptions related to reptiles are often derogatory such as: reptile, snake, and snake pit.
They can be oviparous, and some of them are ovoviviparous.
The Reptile class includes the orders: Crocodilia: such as crocodiles and caimans, Squamata: lizards and snakes and Chelonia: and tortoises
The terrestrial reptile species living in the Canary Islands are 6 , 5 geckos and 3 “lisas”.
Did you know that out of these 14 species, 13 are endemic?

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