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Mammals with beak: monotremes. Listening & Gap-fill activity

Press "play" and listen to the audio. Read the text and fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
   ankle      beak      duck      ears      echidnae      hedgehog      mammalia      otter      oviparous      platypus      pores   

Mammals with a beak: monotremes
Platypuses and are the only two species of these mammals with primitive traits. They have a series of characteristics that make them unique in the class. They are the only mammals, have no external mammary glands and secrete their milk via . They have no lips and their mouth ends on a hard which is not corneus like birds'. They have no either.
Platypuses look like a big mole with a beaver tale, a beak, webbed feet and fur. Male platypuses have a poisonous spur on their which can be really painful and can swell the affected part, in human beings.
Did you know that the dives in with its eyes closed to look for its prey (crustaceans, molluscs, etc.)? Its beak has electro detection, i.e. prey release small electromagnetic shields that the platypus' beak can perceive.
Echidnae are terrestrial and feed on ants and termites. If the echidna is bothered, it folds like a and turns into a spiny ball.

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